Upcoming articles

Posted by Estee On March - 17 - 2009

In order to keep goals and my thoughts organised, I had made a list of topics I will be writing in the near future. This list will be updated according to my state of mind and inspirations from time to time.In the meantime, if there´s any questions, please don't hesitate to drop me a comment.

My journey

Posted by Estee On March - 24 - 2009

Follow my journey from the day I was borned.

My Feng Shui Journal

Posted by Estee On Feb - 10 - 2009

I intend to share some of my thoughts about feng shui in my blog, if you are into feng shui or am interested in it, I shall post my findings and keep you update about the whole process on transforming my home into a more balance Feng Shui home.

My Asian groceries supplier in Sweden

Posted by Asian living in Sweden On 9:48 AM

Jack´s import is the one and only Chinese grocery store I frequently shop in Skellefteå. The company is run by two Hong Kong brothers who migrated to Sweden in the early 80s. At Jacks, you can sense the true atmosphere of genuine imported food from Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand etc.

It's the fun of exploring the aisles,I never know quite what I'm going to find.
Foods like chilli,lemond grass,banana leaf,lime leaf and even the whole durian are frozen. Other frozen food like siew mai, shrimp dumpling,tang yuan,wontan skin,spring roll skins,Asian fish, whole duck, Asian raw prawn, raw sotong, fish and beef balls,wontan noodles are getting popular so they are often well stocked.
What I think missing for me is frozen curry leaf and pandang leaf.My husband is a curry lover, so I often cooked curry at home. My daughter love Hainanese chicken rice, I brought some frozen pandan leafs from Singapore 2 years ago & it´s still use able. Pandan leaf is very important when it come to cooking chicken rice, without it is like cooking curry without curry powder. In Sweden,it´s a law that all Asian imported food labels must be translated into Swedish. I don´t know if that is necessary since most Asian food consumers are Asian. The most common Asian food among the Swedish are dark soya, sweet chilly sauce and the most sambal olek. I notice the Swede are not very used to spicy food. In Singapore we used at least 50 grams of curry powder when cooking curry, here the local used only one tablespoon.
When I am feeling homesick, childhood tibit like ginger candy, sour plum, preserved fruit, Japanese wasabi sweet pea,prawn crackers,crispy banana could really help to comfort me! My favourite tibits is dried jack fruit, it´s so tasty & cripsy!

I need some supply for my Asian party on the 29 March, so I brought a can of condensed milk for my bubble tea, a packet of spring rolls skin for my Malaysian popaih and soya bean sauce for my popiah filling.
Here´s are a few price examples of some groceries I brought at Jacks.
A can of Longevity brand condensed milk - 22sek (4.40 sin dlr)
A packet of dried beadcurd - 25sek (5 sin dlr)
A packet of instant noodles - 5sek (1 sin dlr)
A bottle of Lee Kum Kee oyster sauce - 45sek (9 sin dlr)
A bottle of Thai soy bean paste - 29.90sek (6 sin dlr)
A bottle of Mitsukan rice vinegar for making sushi - 45sek (9 sin dlr)
a bottle of Lee kum Kee Hosin sauce - 36.90sek (7.40 sin dlr)

My visits there has always been pleasant because the owner Daniel & Jenny are both extremely friendly towards me. I feel at home there, it gave me the opporunties to train my broken Cantonese and having a converstations with them can really brighten my day. They normally wont let me leave untill I´ve taste their lunch or a quick chat over a cup of Oolong tea.

Laleh..Some die young