Upcoming articles

Posted by Estee On March - 17 - 2009

In order to keep goals and my thoughts organised, I had made a list of topics I will be writing in the near future. This list will be updated according to my state of mind and inspirations from time to time.In the meantime, if there´s any questions, please don't hesitate to drop me a comment.

My journey

Posted by Estee On March - 24 - 2009

Follow my journey from the day I was borned.

My Feng Shui Journal

Posted by Estee On Feb - 10 - 2009

I intend to share some of my thoughts about feng shui in my blog, if you are into feng shui or am interested in it, I shall post my findings and keep you update about the whole process on transforming my home into a more balance Feng Shui home.

Say "Bye bye" to your bean sprout supplier!

Posted by Asian living in Sweden On 9:58 AM

I used to pay 50 cent for a packet of bean spout in Singapore. Here in Sweden, it cost 6-7 times as much. Uncle Phil thought that is was too expensive so he teach me how to home breed bean sprout. Now I need not have to pay so much for this wonderful treats anymore!
Here´s a picture taken this morning 24 hours after. This will be a perfect snack for me since I am now on diet! I love to eat them raw, they are so crunchy & refreshing. It´s very nice with almost any food. Beansprouts have outstanding nutritional value. They are rich in protein as well as vitamin A, the vitamin B complex, vitamin C and vitamin E, as well as various minerals and enzymes. They are very good to protect against aging, cancer, fatigue and the immune system.

I know I am not suppose to do this, but I cant help jumping on my weighing scale this morning..know what? I lost 1 & half kg after yesterday. Yippy!

Thanks Phil for sharing this knowledge with me.

Laleh..Some die young