Upcoming articles

Posted by Estee On March - 17 - 2009

In order to keep goals and my thoughts organised, I had made a list of topics I will be writing in the near future. This list will be updated according to my state of mind and inspirations from time to time.In the meantime, if there´s any questions, please don't hesitate to drop me a comment.

My journey

Posted by Estee On March - 24 - 2009

Follow my journey from the day I was borned.

My Feng Shui Journal

Posted by Estee On Feb - 10 - 2009

I intend to share some of my thoughts about feng shui in my blog, if you are into feng shui or am interested in it, I shall post my findings and keep you update about the whole process on transforming my home into a more balance Feng Shui home.

Diet 4 & 5

Posted by Asian living in Sweden On 11:19 PM

I think we ate too much of the "yang" food the past 2 days. Nelina & myself are having score throats today. This is what my mum would called "heatyness", after the long cold winter the barbacue food has shocked our body system. Since we are sick, I made porridge for dinner, I am afraid that my diet just have to wait for a couple of days untill I recover. Porridge is what I normally eat whenever I got sick.It´s like "comfort food" to me, the liquid from the rice really helped to protect the stomach lining from the strong medicine. I am feeling much better now.

Laleh..Some die young